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Kristian Finfrock

Investment & Tax Planning

About Kristian Finfrock

Kristian Finfrock is the founder of Retirement Income Strategies and a successful financial planner based out of Madison, Wisconsin. With nearly two decades of experience in the financial industry, he is the host of “Madison Money Guy,” a local radio show, has been a featured guest on local TV news shows, and has contributed to multiple industry publications, such as Kiplinger. 

Passionate about empowering people to take control of their finances, Kristian is a member of Ed Slott’s Master Elite IRA Advisor Group℠, as well as a member of the American Tax Planning Institute LLC. At Retirement Income Strategies, Kristian and his team use his trademarked process with retirees and high net worth clients to create dynamic investment strategies. 

Kristian believes that much of the financial and investment advice in circulation is self-serving and outdated. Therefore, he works with his clients to offer financial solutions that are in their best interest, and helps to provide modern and innovative solutions to combat market volatility. . 

After witnessing his parents experience the negative impact of poor financial advice, Kristian became passionate about providing straightforward financial advice and simplifying and eliminating confusion surrounding finances to increase financial literacy. The strategies he implements are incredibly sophisticated but remain easy-to-understand and navigate for his clients. 

Kristian is always seeking ways to improve the industry by identifying innovative approaches and ways to increase value to clients. With a quest to empower small-business owners, investors, and advisors all around the country, he coaches some of the industry’s brightest financial advisors and wealth managers. 

Prior to becoming a financial planner, Kristian served five years as a military police officer with the United States Army. As a child who wanted deeply to save the world, he dreamed of one day becoming an FBI agent. With that goal in mind, he became the first in his family to graduate from high school. After enlisting in the Army, Kristian went on to earn his bachelor’s in criminal justice before pursuing a career in financial services.  He later returned to school and earned an ASB and BSM with a minor in finance. 

When he’s not working, Kristian spends as much time as possible with his family and giving back to his community. He leads a financial ministry at his church and is active with the USO. Kristian and Retirement Income Strategies also host Toys for Tacos which benefits struggling families, seniors, and disabled adults who reside within the Evansville School District and the Evansville community. As the father to two incredible daughters, Kristian’s main priority is fostering his relationship with his children and being someone his girls can be proud to call “Dad.”

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